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Exuding style without pretension, Neeta Shantivilla at Mahabaleshwar has won enduring acclaim from its guests for its attitude, amenities, and atmosphere. Be a guest at our hotel and we offer you a wide range of options from fine multi-cuisines, personal attention and warm hospitality, all set in exquisite modern surroundings. Neeta Shantivilla is the perfect choice for your family holiday. The exemplary standard in design, style and service create an environment that is innovative and unique. Choose from our large range of rooms to relax in, our 150 seater pure veg multi-cuisine restaurant ‘Tosa’ or just enjoy the variegated fun and play areas at the resort. Located in the heart of Mahabaleshwar just 1 min away from market & S.T stand. The Resort combines outstanding accommodation and leisure facilities and a purpose built Conference Centre.